8.3-22 8.3/8-22 R1 Tire - SALE!!! Over 50% Off

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8.3-22 8.3/8-22 R1 Tire - SALE!!! Over 50% Off

Postby Aaron » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:41 am

We received a few 8.3-22 R1 (also known as 8.3/8-22 ) lug tires from a warehouse buyout. These are BRAND NEW 'Bulldog' brand tires but they have been in storage (inside) for quite a while. They are dusty but I do not see any obvious problems with them other than the rubber is a little stiff. We are selling them at a HUGE discount just to free up some room in our warehouse. This was a one time buy. When these are gone so is the savings.


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