Black Diesel

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Black Diesel

Post by b00mhower »

Hello everyone, first time poster and first time Yanmar owner. Recently purchased a YM2000 to "replace" my old wheel horse garden tractor. Being as this is my first Yanmar and first diesel tractor, my background is old gas row crops (JD letter tractors, Fords, Farmalls) but I'm still handy with diesels, my question here is related to fuel.

Has anyone, or does anyone, run black diesel in these little engines? By black diesel I mean recycled, filtered, separated engine oil. I'm not overly familiar with these engines so I there may be something to throw a wrench in the works there but otherwise it would be nice to use all my old oil for something other than brush piles.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Black Diesel

Post by HoyeTractor »

It sounds like an interesting project to try but it could get very expensive if it fails. I have not heard of anyone doing this on a Yanmar before and I would probably not recommend trying it. A waste oil heater might be a better use for your old engine oil.
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