2200 masochisticisms

Have a neat project that you are doing with your tractor? Restoration, modification, customization, whatever. Post it here!! We want to see it.
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2200 masochisticisms

Postby catman » Wed Mar 31, 2021 1:29 pm

You would think, after 2 wives and more boats than I can count I would have learned to stop hurting myself by now but NO...I just had to decide to fix up my old Yanmar 2200.
After a few weeks of roasting myself over the low heat fire of a 2200 I'm beginning to think my original plan was best...run her til she implodes and buy a new one.
The problem is, that plan is 20 years old now and this old Green Goddess of mine just won't die.
At 67, I don't need a tractor that I'll still be paying for when I'm dead so here I am perfectly willing to share my pain for all the sadistic readers out there and maybe a few laughs with my fellow masochists.
I ran a quick search of 2200 and, as expected, found nothing. I almost called this 2200 Stupidities because that how I'm starting to feel with this adventure.
With that said...
I opened this can of worms after just worm but now that so many of them are out of the can and headed for the lawn I'm not sure I'll ever save enough money on hydrologic oil to make replacing the rear wheel seal worth the effort?
Rear seals, no big deal. Drop the tire pull a bolt and slap on another seal and what the hell a new bearing maybe? Then, just before I ordered the parts I'd need, had my finger on the 'enter' button even when...
I no coward. Despite being ignorant and bordering on it's first cousin stupid, I've gotten enough spankings from life to appreciate the value that measured amounts of discretion have to offer.
I wisely decided to let my friend David at A&D Tractor Repair in the Kiln, Ms. try and get a hook into that worm. He's a great tractor man. I'm his only Yanmar owner so he takes me in as a customer into his busy shop, I'm sure, because he needs the laughs.
Besides, there were plenty of other worms for me to chase down.
He got the next one just a minute ago. We are hoping he can straighten out my drag link. The link is bent as is one of the tie rod ends. As hard as new parts are to find not to mention the big holes they put in the wallet I dropped it off with his son. He assured me that they could straighten it "right out". I shared his inexperienced optimism at his age so I'm waiting for his dad's call now.
I'll send some pics of my state of the art high tech shop facility and the drag link.
If I can get my phone to work with this site? Just another "new things I'm knowing".
I'm remodeling an old moblie home to sell and this repair job is outback and a part time affair. You can see I'm almost finished service to my 3 point hitch but I'll send pictures of the face-lift I'm giving her fenders. As we should all know by now...rust NEVER sleeps. It was now or into rusts digestive trac altogether...
In for a penny, in for a pound.
Which reminds me, now that I've actually JUST USED "British English' I'd like sUmbody to tell me why there is not a selection box for 'Southern English'...y'all?

"So many worms, so little time"

C.A. catman Travirca lll

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Re: 2200 masochisticisms

Postby catman » Mon Apr 05, 2021 8:37 pm

I guess I'll have to let this thread go.
Not to tech savy, all my picture files are to large to post.
Time restrictions don't help either. Add my appearing to be the only person on the planet that is interested in the 2200 Yanmar...what's the point?
Cool support site thought hope to use it again in the future.

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Re: 2200 masochisticisms

Postby winston » Tue Apr 06, 2021 4:58 am

Do you have a specific question needing answered? :mrgreen:

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