Koyker loader 1500d

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Koyker loader 1500d

Postby LarryC » Thu Mar 18, 2021 9:49 pm

I have a yanmar 1500d green tractor I bought and hydraulics haven’t been working right. It has a koyker 110 loader on it. Of course seller has no history information. What’s happening is loader won’t go up. High rpms it goes up real slow and weak, pull on the 3 point at the same time you raise the loader and loader goes up fine. Same thing on the loader down. Goes down slow until you lower Lower or take pressure off the 3 point then goes down fast! I eliminated the 3 point so just the loader was the only thing to work and loader still won’t go up on it own! Dump and retract work just fine. No one seems to know why it’s not working correctly being everything is hooked up correctly. Anyone else had this problem? Power beyond isn’t the fix. This has everyone confused, even the people at Koyker! HELP!!!

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