So you bought a clean, well maintained, little Yanmar. Everything is good but, eventually, something will break and now you need some work done to it. Where do you go to get your tractor worked on? Who are you going to get to work on it? Where will you get parts?

That may seem like an odd question but, because there are currently no new Yanmar in the US, there are very few actual Yanmar dealers anymore. The problem with service is easily solved however. Yanmar tractors are very simple machines. Very reliable. Almost any local mechanic will be able to fix your tractor if you are unable to do the work yourself. You might want to invest in a service and parts manual from one of our sponsors to help them out a little. You can usually get your tractor fixed at local John Deere dealerships. you will ewither have a very pleasant experience there or a really bad experience. Deere dealerships do not always look kindly at the tractor that is stealing their market share. Be nice, be honest, be patient, and chances are they will be glad to help you out. Parts can be obtained from many places. Try your local automotive strore for hoses, bulbs, etc. You can also but any part for your Yanmar tractor from our sponsors. Give them a call. They will be happy to help you.