You will not find a better buy in the tractor market than a used Yanmar tractor. They are designed and engineered to be used commercially in the Japanese farms. They are NOT "department store" tractors. They will typically last upwards of 10,000 hours before major repairs are needed if treated properly. JUST LIKE A USED CAR THERE ARE A FEW THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY.

ALWAYS Check Here to find out the actual year your tractor was built. The amount of years on a tractor makes almost NO difference other than some, easily repaired, cracked hoses and tires. There are, however, a lot of misleading dealers out there selling their tractors as 30+ years newer than they actually are so that they can charge a premium for them. Remember- you are looking for the number of hours the tractor has been used to determine the wear on the tractor- not the age of the tractor. A 30 year old tractor with 600 hours is typically a better buy than a 3 year old tractor with 2,000 hours.

Things to look out for:

  • "..... these tractors are brand new" .... nope. All YM series tractors were built in the 70's and 80's.
  • "..... these tractors have been completely rebuilt by Yanmar at the factory and are able to be considered new".... Not quite. They may be rebuilt at a factory somewhere but they are not rebuilt by Yanmar and nothing that is used can be re-labeled as new.
  • "...... this tractor only has about 20 hours on it". Hmmm... that would be an average of about 45 minutes per year. Does that sound logical? You can safely estimate that at least 30-50 hours per year gets put on the smaller models and more than that on the larger models.

The dealers that are saying these things are usually, either knowingly or unknowingly, misleading the customer.

Types of refurbished or rebuilt tractors-
- Some rebuilt or reconditioned tractors are good tractors that have just been fixed up. A coupe of seals, a new paint job, new hoses, etc. These tractors are usually very good buys. They have the factory hour meter in them (reading in the several hundred hour range). The dealer started with a good, solid tractor and just fixed a few common issues and resells it.

- Then there are the rebuilt or refurbished tractors to avoid. They are usually the poor condition tractors that can not be sold in the US as is. Many are tractors that were considered complete losses. Some were burned. Some were buried under water. Some were just abused or wrecked. They will go to a large lot where laborers will piece several salvage tractors together to make 1 "decent" tractor. They will take 1 piston from 1 tractor, a valve from another, weld on a front axle from something, etc and piece them together. They then do a fantastic paint & body job and the tractor comes out looking like new. Most are fitted with new hour meters and are sold as "NEW". Many of these dealers say that they "reconditioned by Yanmar so they are able to sell these again as new tractors". There is often no way to supply parts for these tractors because they are pieced together from many other models and there is no way to know what you actually have. DO NOT BUY THESE!!!!!!

Example of problems we seen with these-
- engine rebuilt with 1 wrong connecting rod (1mm too long). Customer paid to have engine rebuilt 3 times & could not correct the problem. Less than 30hours.
- engine found to have a bag of old parts inside the oil pan. The bag plugged up the oil suction tube and ruined the engine. Less than 50 hours.
- tractor found to have a front axle from another model & needed a gear for it- no way to tell which model it came from, no way to get them the correct gear- customer had to buy a $1,000 front axle.
- 1 main bearing cap not tightened on engine that was "completely rebuilt". Required new crank & rod within 10 hours.
- head gasket not torqued correctly.

Plus tons of other small issues that cause big problems!

Other tractors to avoid if possible:

YM177 - no chance of getting parts - very rare model
YM350 - Korean market model - no chance of getting parts
YM455 - Korean market model - no chance of getting parts
YM273 - no chance of getting parts - very rare model
YM1110 - limited chance of getting parts - very rare model

YM2200 - Rare model - parts availability getting better though
YM2700 - Rare model - parts availability getting better though

New 3 digit "F" series tractors like F195, F395, etc. These are still very new to the US and there are no operation manuals or service manuals for them. Parts availability is very limited at this time. It will get better but it could still be many years (10+) before the parts supply catches up with them like the YM series tractors.

Find dozens of other things to look for or look out for by CLICKING HERE.