Yanmar Air Filter Service


Few things can destroy your engine as fast as a faulty air cleaner. One might think that even though the filter is dirty- no damage is hapening because contamination is still not getting through. WRONG! As the filter clogs up with dirt and debris, the vacuum on the filer increases. This pulls dirt in from tiny openings that, without the added pressure, would be too small to allow dirt to pass. The dirtier the filter gets, the more suction there is until the paper element finally gives out and begins to tear away. Your tractor will also lose up to 80% of its power as the filter clogs.

It is recommended that you service your air filter every 10 to 50 hours depending on your environment or as directed in your owners manual. It is also recommended that you replace your filter with a new one every seasons or after the 5th cleaning. Yanmar uses two types of air cleaners on their tractors. One that is a flat round filter and one like the picture below. Both are serviced in the same way.

YANMAR FILTERWhat you will need:

  • Compressed air
  • Blower







yanmar tractor air filterTo clean your filter you will need to remove the air filter cover by loosening a wing nut or opening a couple latches on the end cap.





yanmar tractor air filterYou will then need to remove the filter by loosening the nut that holds the filter in. Make sure to wipe (not blow) out all o the dirt in the bottom of the air filter housing after the filter is removed. Blowing after the filter is removed will force dirt directly into the engine. Check the inside of your filter for any signs of dirt. A dirty spot on the inside of the filter usually means that the filter is leaking and needs to be replaced. Use a flashlight on the outside while looking through the inside to help find any holes.



yanmar tractor air filterInspect the gasket portion of the filter. Any damage here can leak dirt into the engine. Replace if damage is found. Using compressed air at about 35-50 psi; blow from the inside out. You may need to tap the filter on the ground a few times to loosen up the dirt in the filter before it will blow out easily. Using compressed air at a higher psi may damage the filter paper and allow dirt to get into your engine!





Most filter lids will have a two piece cap that is designed to trap dirt. You will need to either separate this cap and clean it or just be sure that you have gotten all of the dirt our of it.

Replace filter in reverse order.