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Yanmar announces return to the US!

First Pictures here (6-27-2007)

In a recent press release Cub Cadet announced that they will be partnering with Yanmar to form the new C.U.T. Supply Co and build compact tractors up to 50 horsepower. According to the reports the tractors will start at under $20,000. C.U.T. Supply Co also intends to build a full line of attachments for the new machines.

So what does this mean to the current Yanmar owner? Not much. This is not the Yanmar tractor introduction that we had all hoped for. We had hoped for a genuine Yanmar tractor with shiny new Yanmar red paint, Yanmar tractor dealerships, and that great Yanmar quality. It appears that, at least from the current reports, that the new Cub will be a stripped down version of the newer Yanmar tractors currently being sold in Japan. Many of the high tech features have been removed to lower the cost. These newer Yanmar tractors share almost no parts with the older YM series or "F" series tractors.

What about parts? Parts for the new Cub will only be available only through Cub Cadets existing dealers. The Yanmar dealers nor the yanmar distributors will be able to supply parts for them

One thing this merger will do is get the Yanmar name out there again. Assuming that Yanmar will continue to use their superb diesel engines in the Cub tractor- Yanmar's reputation for quality can only continue to grow. This can't help but raise resale value of current Yanmar machines- Gray market and domestic.

We'll keep you posted....





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