Is there a CubCadet-Yanmar?

In 2007 Yanmar partnered with CubCadet to distribute the current (at that time) generation Yanmar tractor under the CubCadet/Yanmar brand name. The new tractors kept the Cub colors and were sold through Cub Dealers. The partnership matched Yanmar's reputation for building great compact tractors with CubCadet's  dealership network.

The partnership ended in 2011 when Yanmar introduced their own "Yanmar" branded tractors and started setting up their own dealerships. The tractors maintained the Cub orange color for the first couple years.  The current generation Yanmars have returned to the familiar Yanmar red color and are all assembled in their new Georgia distribution center. .

So what do you do about parts if you have one of the Cub-Yanmars? That is a good question and, as of right now, we do not have a difinitive answer. I would recommend starting with a "new Yanmar" dealer and see what they say.