YM 2000 package deal

What size tractor do I need? What is a good model to buy? What size mower do I need?

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YM 2000 package deal

Postby KH10 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:17 pm

Just joined the forum.

Looking at a YM 2000, comes with 16 ft tandem axle trailer, bush hog, box, disc and a spreader. Asking price is $7,000.

My concerns: The seller has had it for 4-5 years with zero problems, but he bought it from a refurb dealer. I know this can be a red flag. Seller says it has 1024 hours on it. Also said it's cranks first try. The dealer was Ohlo Farm Equipment out of Sumrall, Mississippi. Anybody know anything about these guys. Also, sound like a winner or not? This model seems to be reliable, and parts seem easy to find. Please let me know-all suggesstion, advice and opinions welcomed.

This will be my first tractor, and obviously don't want to get snowed on it.

I just bought a house on 4.5 acres. I will need the tractor for bush hogging, and general up keep and maintanance.;

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Re: YM 2000 package deal

Postby winston » Sat Aug 17, 2013 7:42 pm

No idea what stuff sells for in Ohio. Just figuring an East Texas price of $1600 for the trailer, $450 for the mower, $400 for the box blade, $400 for the ? tandem disc, $400 for a distributor, that all adds up to $3250 leaving the tractor to be priced at $3750. That is a little more than a ym2000 would sell for down here. However, if you have nothing the package deal would sure be nice. I don't think it is unreasonable.

As far as a refurb I would think if you have no reason to doubt the sellers story then there would be no reason to worry about the refurb. If it has run out good for 4 years it has a track record. Just make sure you check it over good and ask the seller any questions in your mind.

I wouldn't doubt that the ym2000 is the most populous Yanmar out there. Parts are probably as plentiful for it as any other model. The two cylinder they have is famous for the Yammer hammer. They are pretty loud and have a knock that might make you think it is coming apart.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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