What size tractor do I need? What is a good model to buy? What size mower do I need?

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Postby walt » Fri Apr 17, 2020 12:20 pm

Thinking of purchasing a SA324 . Would like any comments, recommendations and opions on this tractor. Thank you.

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Re: SA324

Postby JustinB60 » Wed Sep 02, 2020 1:12 pm

I know this is an old post but figured I'd respond in case you are still looking at making a decision or so that it maybe can help someone else. I have a 2019 with only about 30 hours on it but I can compare it directly against John Deere 2520 and Kubota B2601 as I have owned both over the past 4 years. The Yanmar has some really nice features that one or both of the competitors do not have so I'll lay them out below.

A few features that stand out on the Yanmar 324/424 (same except 424 has larger tires) to me are:
1. Yanmar 324 has two hydraulic pumps, on specifically dedicated to power steering so when doing loader work the steering doesnt get stiff when you stop. I noticed this a LOT when in tight spots with the Kubota B2601 and my John Deere 2520 and it really bothered me that would be overlooked by them. Wasnt impossible to overcome on Kubota and JD but was annoying non the less.

2. Yanmar seat slides forward back, is really thick/cushy, comes stock with arm rests, and is positioned in perfect spot relative to loader controls. Kubota seat is a close second but John Deere seat was a distant third.

3. Loader control valve is easier to do combo tilt/curl or "quartering" than on the John Deere 2520. The kubota was nice just like the Yanmar is....

4. The body on the Yanmar 324 is purpose built (not for looks) and so I find it to be easier to see the important parts of tractor underneath. Not sure if this makes sense but I just noticed the fenders and hood panels on the John Deere's and Kubotas seem to go further down making the tractor look a little bigger and honestly, cooler. The yanmar's visibility to loader area is also better than the John Deere 2520 and the Kubota (harder to remember... Kubota might have been close to the same).

5. 10 year powertrain warranty and 2 year "bumper to bumper" warranty. Not much else to say.... I dont think competitors come close here.

6. Yanmar loader specs (lift to full height at the pin) is much better than the Kubota or John Deere competitors. The breakout values are about the same or a tiny bit less though.... so this is close to a wash I believe.

Downsides to Yanmar vs the others:
1. Yanmar specific front loader quick attach. This means you have to play around with conversion kits or buy Yanmar specific forks, etc.

2. 3pt arms are considered "limited". I'll be honest I havent used my 3 pt a lot yet but I imagine its considered limited because the lift range doesnt seem as large as on the Kubota and John Deere's I've owned. Time will tell if this causes issues with my carry-all (firewood carrier) or box blade work.

3. Yanmar dealer support and more importantly PARTS AVAILABILITY. So I have a few local dealers (at the moment) so I cant really say its an issue right now but down the road I wonder if there is a change of Yanmar dealer availability if there could be a problem for me to find parts. John Deere and kubota parts can be found on a lot of website for sale but I havent been able to find much on Yanmar parts except a few random things popping up on ebay.

4. My hydrostatic transmission seems a little "jumpy" at times but I think it will break in and that may go away over time, because it has shown up within the first 30 hours I felt I had to mention it though. This seems worst when tractor is "coolest"... I do warm it up prior to use but the hotter it gets this seems to be less noticeable.

5. When using hydrostatic transmission in reverse when you back off the reverse pedal it abruptly stops, almost feels like you slam the brakes. This is something I've gotten use to but definitely odd to me given my past experience.

6. Brake is over the hydrostatic forward/reverse pedals. This one I think technically falls into a "Neutral/Will get use to it" category. Yes its odd to have brake over top of forward/reverse pedals but it actually is similar to the way you drive a car with just right foot. Its odd at first and it does make working on a hill or slope a little more interesting because you cant ride the brake while pushing into the hydrostatic mildly.

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Re: SA324

Postby YM324jt » Sat Dec 12, 2020 3:47 pm

Thank you for your review. I've had my 2018 SA324 since January 2020 and I agree.
I love it and converted it to Standard quick attach. And love that too.
My problem is here in Crossville TN we have gone through 2 dealers. Just came back from the last one (Closed)very disappointed as it is really hard to get parts or service.
There's very little on the internet and may have to drive 65 miles to see a dealer.
I'm hoping someone has a better way.!.?

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