The Water Buffalo and too much oil !

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The Water Buffalo and too much oil !

Postby Water Buffalo » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:21 pm

Just got my 1500D home ! Whew what a had been sitting in a guys driveway for 4 years without being moved. Had to jack up the bucket and remove the backblade to get it winched onto a trailer but then all 4 wheels wouldn't turn! Finally called Hoye for help cause their stickers were all over this thing! Well 2 days later with a smooth decked trailer, car dollies and road signs and chunks of plywood the thing made it on to the trailer with both back brakes corroded to the point of "tapping them lightly" with a hammer wouldn't convince the wheels to turn. The gentleman that handled my call when I cried for help was very informative of what could be causing the tractor to be immobile. We discussed water in it's frozen state (ice) could possibly be in the axles and or tranny as this thing was uncovered for four years near the Canada border of New York along the St.Lawrence river, and this is December and yes it has been below freezing these past few nights...and yes some water did trickle out of the rear transaxle housing when I removed the plug.... I was informed that to my chagrin this tractor had a previous life in a rice paddy in Japan and had already made some Japanese family a fairly good living, that my hour meter was lying when it said 111 hours. So when I got home the first night without the tractor I called my brother in Tennessee and was griping to him how I had failed to bring the "prize" home. Suddenly I began to laugh and he thought I'd gone off my rocker.... I told him that when we grew up on Okinawa (Army Brats) that we had seen plenty of Water Buffalo in the rice paddies and that I was gonna paint over YANMAR and name the thing Water Buffalo 'cause that's what it is!! Anyway she made it home and 3 and a half hours was needed to get one side of the brakes apart and 2 and half on the other side. Went slowly.. tapping, prying, shooting two cans of brake cleaner in there.. finally the carb cleaner seemed to really make things slide a bit...had to have the brake drums turned a bit at a machine shop and every thing is hunky dory in that department. Yes I am long winded......Any way I've still got lots to do but I wanted to say that the early posting I found about fluid capacities for this model stated 4 quarts for the engine oil.... My brother in-laws manual for the 133/155 actually states .44 gallons. A major discrepency here. My dip stick was wet all the way up after I poured a whole gallon of oil in her and after I drained out a half of it it is perfect. When I had originally drained it to change oil and filter it was over filled and I thought maybe the fuel had worked it's way into the engine from a heated fuel tank (sitting in sun every summer) as I have seen this happen in old Willys jeeps before.. Now I think the previous owner had also put a whole gallon in her instead of .44 gallons. Are there other people out there running too much oil in their tractors and not realizing it?

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Re: The Water Buffalo and too much oil !

Postby Aaron » Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:51 pm

Sounds like you have had quite an adventure!

The 135/155 has a much smaller engine than the 1500. 4 Quarts is correct for the 1500. I would be more inclined to think that you may have the wrong dipstick. Your tractor is currently either very low on oil or all of the oil was not drained out of it during the oil change.

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