Engine Up Grade?

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Engine Up Grade?

Postby Dave2610D » Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:43 am

Will the 3T84T fit into the 2610D model? Any attachment issues like bell housing and such?
If not, any Diesel engine at all other than 3t80d?

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Re: Engine Up Grade?

Postby Aaron » Thu Oct 13, 2016 7:48 am

I also posted this on the other forum but I don't like to leave messages without a reply.

Would it fit? Sure it would. We once made a Perkins diesel engine out of an old combine fit in a 90's model Ford F250. Was it a good idea or worth the effort.... nope... not even close... but it fit! I suspect the same would likely be true with this swap.

Some obstacles that I see right off: The head is longer on the 3T84 which means the block is likely longer and so things like the hydraulic lines and even 4wd driveshaft & drag rod will probably be too short (depending on how you handle the extra length). The clutch shaft is different. The bellhousing adapter plate is different so it probably would need to be customized too. These are all completely conquerable obstacles but maybe not worth the effort.

Oh.... and then you have 50% more horsepower than the drivetrain was originally designed to handle so, just like our Perkins pickup, the rest of the drivetrain may just fall apart.

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