1610D rear hydraulics query?

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1610D rear hydraulics query?

Postby Crump » Fri Mar 27, 2020 10:55 pm

Hi Guys, have just fitted a post hole digger to my 1610, (designed for small tractors), and due to the leverage caused by the distance the implement is from the tractor, the hydraulics are struggling a bit with the weight, to the point that I doubt they will pull the auger out of the ground once its dug in. I have no issues with hydraulics normally with other implements, FEL included, only noticed it today once I hitched it up. Ive never had a need to play with the valves under the seat as everything has worked fine , so left well enough alone. So question is, can I increase hydraulic pressure to the rear lift arms by adjusting the hydraulic valves? thanks

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Re: 1610D rear hydraulics query?

Postby winston » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:10 am

I am surprised the 1610 would not handle it. There is a relief valve on your 3 point control that can be adjusted but I would recommend much caution in making changes. I do not have any information on the 1610 such as parts manual so I cannot be of much help pointing out just where the relief valve is on your 1610."If" your relief valve is relieving and you believe it to be out of specs I would suggest first putting a pressure gauge on and see what pressure you are getting when it does relieve. Again, I don't know what your relief pressure should be set at. I can tell you the 226 manual shows it to be set at 2209 to 2356 psi. That tractor is a little larger than yours. The 155 (smaller than yours) is to be set at 1138 psi, quite a difference, but lift capacity is suppose to be 1210 lbs. That is probably at the pins but still seems like it should raise a post hole digger. Having rambled on for quite some time I will close by saying check your pressure first, then go from there.

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