YM2000B Left Rear Wheel Won't Move

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YM2000B Left Rear Wheel Won't Move

Postby Cardentm » Sat Feb 08, 2020 4:21 pm

Background - YM2000B bought summer 2019. Changed hydraulic oil, air filter, antifreeze during summer. Tractor was used about 25 hrs in summer. Stored outside with a cover this winter in Alabama. I've cranked it each month since last real use in October 2019 to let it run a bit.

Issue - Cranked it today in about 45 degree weather. Tractor cranked fine and idled great. I worked the hydraulics up and down a few times and decided to move the tractor to a different location since it was sitting in a water puddle an inch or so deep. When I put the tractor in gear the right rear tire would move but the left rear tire is stuck in place. I put the tractor in 2nd gear high and reverse high and same issue. The right rear tire will move, even spin a little but the left side is not moving. I tried to rock it in place and it's not budging. I didn't want to force anything just yet. Suggestions for troubleshooting please!

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Re: YM2000B Left Rear Wheel Won't Move

Postby Aaron » Sat Feb 08, 2020 4:28 pm

More than likely the brakes on that side are stuck. See if the brake cam moves when you press the brake pedal. You are making a good call by not trying to force it. That usually ends up with a big parts order.

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