240D hydraulic 3 pt. control lever removal

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240D hydraulic 3 pt. control lever removal

Postby Phil L. » Fri May 03, 2019 12:51 pm

Hope someone has done this and can give me some advice.

My 240D has a control lever in quadrant that raises and lowers the 3-pt implement which sticks up way too far for my comfort. Close to day 1 with the tractor I caught it on some part of me or my clothing and bent the thing. I bent it back to approximately it's prior position but have always wanted to shorten it in the 3+ years I've had the tractor. Seemed to be a complicated job to get the thing off so that I could put it in a vice and cut it shorter, round off the corners and reinstall. Today I got mad enough at it to try. I've been catching it on my sleeve, banging it with my elbow, etc. and whatever implement is on there goes up or down without warning.

I loosened the fender on that side to give me more room to work. I removed the two nuts on the outside of the threaded rod that holds the lever. Once the nuts were off I figured the lever would come loose and I could work it off the end of the rod. I have tapped on it but it seems to be either threaded onto the rod (which makes no sense) or there is some kind of key holding it on (makes more sense since I can see a tiny slot on the outer face of the collar that surrounds the rod.) The exploded diagrams I have, I&T manual and Hoye's service manual, don't really give me much of a clue. In the I&T diagram fig. 253 for the 330 it shows what looks like a key. There is no exploded diagram that I can find for the 240 specifically, though the parts seem to be a close match in that one.

Has anyone ever taken their's off and if so, what's the trick. I'm putting it all back together now and won't ever touch it again unless someone can help me. In case that never happens I'll just have to learn to live with hitting that thing more than I'd like.

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Re: 240D hydraulic 3 pt. control lever removal

Postby Aaron » Fri May 03, 2019 4:14 pm

The YM2000 uses the same linkage setup. Link below

Edit: It looks like the 4wd version has a slightly different setup instead of the roll pin which is sort of strange. I hadn't notice that before but #89 is a key. It has probably just grown on there over the years. A little heat might be needed.

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