YM276 with Hoye PS - Cylinder leak

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YM276 with Hoye PS - Cylinder leak

Postby darrellss » Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:31 pm

Greetings everyone.

My first post. About 4 yrs ago, I bought my first tractor. After a LOT of reading, I decided on a compact Deere 855 with FEL that I picked up for a decent price at the time. The main reason I went with it was due to my reading on how well regarded are the Yanmar engines as well as the online support from sites and suppliers like Hoye.

Well, fast forward to the past few months. I realized the FEL sits unattached and in the way 98% of the time and there were some things I wanted to do where a little larger tractor would be better. So, I decided to look for a Yanmar which is what I really wanted to do from the outset. I found a few used models, but I wanted one with less aggressive tires and in fairly nice shape.

One finally popped up and it happened to be only 15 mi from my home (I live out in the countryside so this was quite surprising). Went to check it out, it had been painted at some point, but it did not appear to be recent. The tach/hours meter was broken, but other than that, it looked to be very well maintained. I drove it around the property, testing the Powershift (which took a little bit of getting used to), mowed with the included finish mower for about 30 minutes, then did another inspection. No leaks anywhere. This one appears to have been one sold by Hoye at some point (sticker) and I believe it has the Power Steering add-on.

This past week, I used it for the good part of the day mowing and after finishing, I noticed that there is a small leak from the PS cylinder. I plan to remove it and take it to a local hydraulic shop to rebuild it. I've never had to remove any hydraulics prior, so I guess my only Q is what to consider when removing the lines. Other than allowing them to drain into a bucket, anything else?

A pic or two of the new machine and the PS.

IMG_3591 (1).jpg
IMG_3591 (1).jpg (57.62 KiB) Viewed 789 times

IMG_3552 (1).jpg
IMG_3552 (1).jpg (58.77 KiB) Viewed 789 times

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Re: YM276 with Hoye PS - Cylinder leak

Postby Aaron » Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:42 am

That is a nice looking tractor. The cylinder looks like the original dealer installed power steering option. Just be sure to mark your hoses so you know where they go and it should be a pretty easy project.

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