YM240D busted bull gear

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YM240D busted bull gear

Postby nwtacoma » Tue Mar 26, 2019 1:12 pm

Hello, first posting on this forum. Thanks to the help of the guys at TractorByNet I was able to determine the issue with my Yanmar and subsequently directed here for further help.

So, plowing a pile of brush last week on my '71-'72ish YM240D, 4wd. Went to back up and the passenger rear wheel started to bind (like the brake was still on) and a simultaneous pop sound. I limped it up to the shop to start investigating. Last night I discovered the passenger bull gear is missing several teeth. I'm new to this tractor and tractors in general. I consider myself pretty competent in mechanical repairs and willing to learn along the way. My couple of questions are as follows.

Parts. Can I get them and what am I going to need or should be done/replaced while I'm inside and have access to things that I wouldn't otherwise.

Tools. Special tools or specifically, pullers needed to complete the repairs. I've found a donor 240d that is 2wd. I'm assuming it has the same internals?

Capability. Is this something better left to professionals or am I making out to be larger that it really is?

Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!


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Re: YM240D busted bull gear

Postby Aaron » Wed Mar 27, 2019 8:41 am

Hello Nick and welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you really just need to get it apart and see what all you need. A good puller will probably be needed to remove the wheel hub but that is about the only thing you would need it for. No other special tools needed that I can think of. A 2wd 240 donor would be a very good investment. The transmission internals are the same. That transmission is really pretty simple and, as long as you stay organized and document how things come apart, it is not a bad job.

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