A wiring nightmare

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A wiring nightmare

Postby mike.d.wilson2 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:33 pm

I recently purchased a YM1600, and decided to add gauges instead of lights. The Bosch brand aftermarket gauges are easy to install with the use of a hole saw. After filing and fitting a sleeve, the temp sender fit. The oil pressude gauge fit with no problems. When trying to tap a positive lead for voltage I hit all sorts of problems. This is when I realized the wires are all green. A month after I paid for it, the positive is green, the signal is green, the ground is green, the horn is green, its the "oh crap" moment. As I try to rewire my ym1600 is this something anyone would want, or are my notes mine to stay with this tractor? I totally willng to share if anyone wants it.


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Re: A wiring nightmare

Postby Aaron » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:10 pm

Are you saying the wires were painted over or someone had already re-wired it with all green wire?

I think there are several people who would benefit from you showing how you re-wired your tractor. I get asked about that often.

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