Ready to call the scrap guy

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Ready to call the scrap guy

Postby tmckinney95060 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:37 am

I'm just about fed up with this tractor, evidently I should have bought a Ford. Replaced the rings, head gasket, adjusted the valves twice to 6K, cleared the crank case vent replaced the muffler, cleaned and flushed the radiator.

She will fire right up on the 3 to 5 revolution perfect but still over heats after about 10 minutes of work (4' hog or blade), Used a quart of oil over the course of an hour and still pores oil out of the new muffler. No is not snot. Blows pressure out of the oil fill and dipstick hole.

I had a thicker weight oil in it, rings sat fine, idled with no smoke, blew black smoke under a load as it should. Changed the oil to 15w40 diesel oil once the rings sat.

Ordered valve stem seal from Hoye with my muffler order but never received them. This is the only thing left I have not done. It seems like an awful lot of oil for a stem seal. Am I missing anything else other than calling in the scrap guy because its next on my list.? So far I have 2,400 invested or flushed down the toilet, jury is still out.

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Re: Ready to call the scrap guy

Postby Norm » Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:43 pm

I find it odd that you never mention back -flushing the cooling system, including the block, or what your bearing and ring end-gap clearances were, or if you can blow into the crank-case vent. Cars and lawn mowers have a check valve, not sure about tractors. What did Hoye say about your valve stem seals? Basically you have to check EVERYTHING in cases like this.

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Re: Ready to call the scrap guy

Postby tmckinney95060 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:38 pm

The radiator was extremely clean, put the water hose in both hoses allowing crap to pushed out of the block/head. I pulled the plate off with the vent, its not a check valve, only a bent tube, its clear. I checked he clearances and wrote them on a sticky pad, I still have yet to find it. It runs to good and sounds solid as she runs.

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Re: Ready to call the scrap guy

Postby alan » Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:24 pm

If I remember right it's a 1700. If you can't fix it and have storage space, there's enough 1700s around to make it worthwhile to part out, but not enough that owners can find them in scrap yards.

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Re: Ready to call the scrap guy

Postby winston » Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:32 am

Did you cross hatch the cylinders when you put new rings in? Something is not right with your new ring job. No way you should be using a quart an hour and over heating. Did you check ring end gap at several places up/down the cylinder?

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Re: Ready to call the scrap guy

Postby Aaron » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:37 am

Is it possible that you broke a piston oil ring during the install?

The valve cover gasket also seals the intake tube on that model. If the valve cover gasket is out of place or damaged it can allow the intake to suck oil out of the valve cover.

If it overheated it could have cracked the head and, if it cracked between an oil port and an intake port, it could be burning oil that way also.

Just because you can run clean water through the radiator does not mean it is clean. You can have every internal passage plugged and water will still flow from the top to bottom hose.

"..Be sure that the radiator is clean on the INSIDE (flushed out). Keep in mind that just because you can put a hose in one end and the water shoots out the other does NOT mean that your radiator is working right. There are hundreds (just a guess.. I didn't count them) of tiny passages inside the radiator and the water may not be making it through enough of those to actually cool efficiently. Your tractor has 30 years worth of buildup in the radiator and it is likely causing a coolant restriction. You can run your hand along the front side of the radiator & see if you can feel spots that are noticeably cooler than other spots. This indicates that the coolant is not flowing through the radiator correctly. It may not be possible to flush the radiator if the buildup is severe enough. You may need to replace it. .."


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