New 3110d owner - whining noise from transmission

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New 3110d owner - whining noise from transmission

Postby drunderw » Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:54 pm

I'm a new YM 3110D owner and have a question about the transmission. I got the tractor home and drove it for the first time today. In neutral it has a bit of a whirring whine noise. As soon as I put it in gear it has a very loud whine in all gears. It is the kind of sound that you'd expect to hear when creeping in a very low gear. In fact, it is also the same sort of sound my dad's John Deere lawnmower would make as you press the gas to go faster. It does seem much louder than I'd expect. I've driven a Ford 3930 and it doesn't have that sort of noise. Any ideas if this is normal for these tractors or if there is something I need to look at? I unscrewed the oil cap by the powershift and there was oil up to the top of the hashed area on the dipstick and it was almost clear, very very clean. Anything else I should check? Thanks so much!

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