3PT Hitch plug/hose port??

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3PT Hitch plug/hose port??

Postby Rednek » Mon Feb 08, 2021 10:43 am

I just added a SMC 2408 loader with a prince hyd. control valve to my YM1700. It is plumbed correctly, pump to the ‘in’ port, ‘out’ port to the hyd. valve on top of the 3pt hitch.
My 3pt would only raise while raising the loader for some reason. Weird rite? Now might be a time to add, this loader assembly is from ‘97, but its never been installed on anything and the prince control valve is newer then that and also brand new.
So i got to lookin at my 3pt area as im new to this machine and across from the pressure relief valve with the spring and ball in the side, across from that there is a plug with a brass crush seal. I removed this plug, with the machine off i lowered my bucket a hair and oil shot out. So this is a fluid capable port it seems.
I took that plug that appears to have the infamous ‘yanmar thread’ and i put it into a lathe and drilled a 5/16” hole perfectly thru the center of it, then i mig welded a hyd. fitting to the plug so i could connect a 3/8” line to it. I then connected that line to my power beyond port on my loader valve that i oroginally was not using and had capped off.
Now my 3pt works flawlessly and so does the loader. My weld job sucked cuz my lincoln welder is on its way out the door, and its a old mig unit. This fitting needs to be tig welded to be proper. So i called Hoye tractor this morning as i am new weekly customer from NY.... explained my situation and my experiment and my findings. The gentleman was genuinely clueless as to what that ‘plugged port’ was designed to do, and seemed fascinated by my experiment and my findings. He instructed me to post this here with a few pics and ask ‘the tech guy’ for assistance in this.
My end goal and question here is to find out what this plugged port was intended to do, and find a hydraulic fitting with the ‘yanmar thread pitch’ that will go here to eliminate my cobb job welded experimental fitting. I have about 5 solid hours of operation thru this set up and all appears to be well. 3pt works great, as does the loader. If the tech would like to chat, my number is 716-346-2944 and my name is Doug. Have a blessed day!!!

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Re: 3PT Hitch plug/hose port??

Postby Aaron » Mon Feb 08, 2021 11:57 am

If your loader valve had the power beyond fitting installed then that is your problem. If you are not going to use the PB function then you need to remove the PB adapter- not just cap/plug it. That adapter goes into the valve and changes the flow of the oil internally.

I think whatever you did with that three point fitting was just sort of a workaround that will probably have a hidden consequence of some kind.

If you are going to use the PB port then you need to run the 'out' to the reservoir

and the PB back to the 3pt.

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