My ym1010d clutch adjustment

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My ym1010d clutch adjustment

Postby Coachg » Fri Oct 30, 2020 9:43 am

Hi I have a ym2010D 4wda that I let a friend borrow to use my box blade. When he brought it back he told me he thought my clutch and pressure plate was going out. He said that he adjusted the clutch linkage and got it back to working. I used it to Bush hog my property for a few hours and I had to quit. On the way to put it up it started not going on me I made it to the shop to park it I called him to come adjust what he did to see of it would maybe go properly he never come.
I have become disabled and can't work on it myself anymore. I had someone to come check it for me
It turned out it was almost completely out. Of transmission fluid. He went and got me the fluid and filled it. It then took right off but then the clutch stopped working. He was supposed to come back and adjust the linkage the next day. He never came back either. Is the linkage like a car and just manually adjust the linkage with a wrench or is there something else wrong with it? I didn't see what linkage he adjusted so I'm not even sure that's the problem now. It went from not going at all to running and now the clutch wont work at all now
Can someone please give me some direction on adjusting the linkage? I was told that it had a certain point of adjustment or it wouldn't work
Or what needs to be done to get it back working. Since I have become disabled for so long all my friends have disappeared. The guy that borrowed it got remarried and I have been told she keeps him busy at home. Regardless if I can find out what needs to be done I may can have someone to come and adjust what I tell them. That doesn't work on tractors. I can't even get the Tractor dealership to look at it for some reason. Not sure how this forum works if I get a email when I get a reply so if someone would message me when I get a answer I'd appreciate it
Email me at thanks!

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Re: My ym1010d clutch adjustment

Postby winston » Sun Nov 01, 2020 5:51 am

I am hopeful a clutch adjustment will solve your problem. It is not actually a clutch adjustment but rather a pedal adjustment. Notice the turnbuckle #16 and locknuts #14 and #23. Loosen those off and turn the turnbuckle until you have appx 9/16" free play at the top of the pedal before you feel contact. Check that free play before you start. If it is anywhere close to that then you may have other problems.

Where are you located?
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