Snow blower on a grey market 1300

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Snow blower on a grey market 1300

Postby housebus » Thu Oct 15, 2020 11:36 am

Hey guys,

Does anyone have any experience running a 540rpm snowblower on a grey market Yanmar? My 1300 has a 5' snowplow on the front, and a snowblower on the back would make for a great machine for clearing the driveway.

I have a Yanmar 1300 I recently got up to snuff (with a lot of help from the people on this forum) and I have a 5' Ford 715A snowblower. I tried this blower on the 1300 last winter, and performance was lackluster; it would only throw snow a few feet. I thought it was too much blower for the tractor and took it off. The thing is I only tried it on the first PTO speed, thinking PTO-1 was 540rpm. After doing some research later I found that it's more like 465rpm in 1st PTO gear (no wonder it seemed like it was going slow... it was going slow.)

2nd PTO gear, however, is 771rpm, and I've read that the Ford 715A snowblower is also the front-mount model, and is rated up to 1000rpm.

Has anyone tried any arrangement like this? Is it worth dragging the blower across town again to try it out? Or is my 13hp tractor going to struggle with a 5' blower even at higher speeds? I don't mind going slow.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Snow blower on a grey market 1300

Postby winston » Thu Oct 15, 2020 3:24 pm

I know nothing about snow blowers but just from your information I would think it would be worth a try at higher speed.

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