Yanmar "Gray Market" Tractors?

Q - What is a "gray market" tractor?
A - A gray market machine is anything that has been manufactured for sale in any country other than the country it is in. A gray market Yanmar has been manufactured, usually, for sale in Japan. You can tell these models by the Japanese decals and the 4 digit model numbers or model numbers that start with F. Other gray market Yanmar models were manufactured for sale in South Africa, Sweden, Portugal, England, and several other countries. The Japanese tractors account for over 90% of the gray market machines.

Q - Are these things legal?
A - Yes. The tractors are legally brought into the US.

Q - Are they the same as the Yanmar tractors that were sold in the US?
A- Close, but not exact. Many of the models such as the YM1700, YM2000, YM1510, etc have tractors that are VERY similar though. The difference usually is the multiple speed PTO on the gray market tractors. The US tractors typically only feature a single speed pto. Most of the gray market tractors share many of the same parts with the US tractors.

Q - So what about parts?
A - As stated earlier, many of the gray market parts are identical to the US model parts. You can find them at any of our sponsors or other parts sources. Very few parts are no longer available. The ones that have been discontinued from the manufacturer are now being reproduced.

Q - What is Yanmar's position on these tractors?
A - They do not like them. The older tractors were not required to have the same safety features as the newer models. The older tractors are a liability to Yanmar and they do not support them. Yanmar's Position On "Gray Market" Tractors There are a few companies building ROPS and seat belts for these tractors. Adding a ROPS should be the first priority if your tractor did not come with one.

Q - What about manuals?
A - The new translated English Yanmar operation manuals are almost all available from our sponsors. The parts manual will be in Japanese..... WAIT!... It's not that bad! The manuals will have the detailed "breakdowns" showing every part on the tractor and its relation to other parts on the tractor. Out beside the picture of the part will be an English part number and a Japanese description. You really dont need the description if you can see the picture of the part. You can tell the steering wheel from the piston, etc. The service manual are from the tractors that were sold in the US. They may not be exactly like your tractor but it will be so close you might not ever be able to tell the difference. You can find all of these from our sponsors.

Q - What are the "rebuilt" tractors?
A - Read This-- http://ymowners.com/yanmarbuying.htm


Q - Where can I get one?
A - You can find them on EBAY, craigsliast, or local dealers.